Line items and product properties


Using the exom bridge api, we’re sending sync messages to ser up product and line item properties. However we can’t get a list of the properties that have been set up, compared to contact, company or deal properties for example. Is there a way to se which properties have been set up for these objects as well?


Hi again, @shamash,

The CRM Object Properties API allows you to manage the properties you have created for the product and line item objects. By specifying either products or line_items in the Get all object properties request URL, you can view all existing properties.


Thanks Isaac,

I was trying to avoid the developer preview APIs. Is there an estimate for when they'll be released in a stable version? Same goes for Product API and Line Item API. Thanks!


Apologies for the delayed response, @shamash.

While I don't have a concrete release date, the CRM Object Properties, Products, and Line Items APIs are approaching stable and the team is only looking to add features and functionality.


Ok, thanks for the update!