Line items are not getting created for deal



When I was trying to call line item create API of hubspot, it is giving me the error as
{"status":"error","message":"Must have scope DEAL_LINE_ITEM_WRITE","correlationId":"ca65ca1b-3719-4802-a8bd-d816e3c5eede","requestId":"e0c2e4e2e39e8f8d783c249b7a19675d"}

My request Body for this is like below:

The hubspot account which I was using is sales free. So do we need to update. From where we need to change this account.

Please help us to solve this.


Line Items not getting creating

Welcome, @tejashviy!

The Developer Support Team strives to respond to new topics within two working days. If you ever want immediate assistance with minor API-related issues like this, HubSpot support is always available over the phone and can help get the ball rolling.

Per my response here, you will have to upgrade to Sales Hub Professional to access line items. You can contact sales from this page in your account.

If you wish to test the Line Items API before purchasing and have a developer test account, let me know. I can add a Sales Hub Professional trial to the test account, but not production account 4686199.