Link between Campaign of type "AUTOMATED_EMAIL" and Workflow


After making a GET request to the campaign information endpoint{campaign_id}, I can see if it's related to a "Workflow" from the "appName", and double check that with the type as it's an "AUTOMATED_EMAIL".
But how can I linked it to the information of the workflow? If I call, there is no related IDs to link one to the other. Am I missing something?

Also wondering where can we get information related to start / end processing "lastProcessingFinishedAt" / "lastProcessingStartedAt" for "AUTOMATED_EMAIL" and "AB_EMAIL". We have this information for "BATCH_EMAIL" but not for the others.

Thanks a lot,


Do you have any advices @jcoldrick or @Derek_Gervais on this topic? Thanks a lot.


Hi @Ludovic_THOMAS,

The Email Events API doesn't include and workflow-specific information for automated emails since a given automated email could be used by any number of workflows. Regarding the lastProcessingFinishedAt and lastProcessingStartedAt fields; these track when an email began processing and ended processing. For very large batch sends, this period might be longer, while for smaller sends it may be shorter. Because an automated email is published and sent based on a workflow action (instead of a one-time batch send) there's no clearly defined processing start/end date.