Link hubspot with my web site


I need your help to integrate Hubspot to a web project, on the help page mentioned that could bind hubspot with a link javascript, and still can't find someone can help me?, the grateful if you. Greetings.


Hi @Tester,

Could you describe what you wish to do in more detail? Please attach a link to the help article you mentioned.


Hello Isacc. Yes, what i want is to link the tool of hubspot with various forms where you enter various data and store it on the platform in the contact section. I saw this at this link:
On the other hand, I need to use the form to develop the structures of the API, when the user clicks the button to Encien data, I was reviewing the page and I obtained the required data that showed the site, my question is how can i use in the link of hubspot toward my project? I thank you for your prompt response. Thank you very much.


Hi @Tester,

Happy to clarify:

  • To link external forms to HubSpot forms, you can use the Forms API.
  • To begin tracking visitor activity on your external website in HubSpot, you can install the JavaScript tracking code before the </body> tag. See this article for detailed steps.

Is your project an OAuth app? When visitors click a button, what do you want to happen? Do you want them to go to your app's authentication URL so they can install your app into their HubSpot account?


Good day Isaac. A pleasure to greet him.

In the place where I work, my boss told me that you would use a kind of REST API of Codeigniter but implemented by HUBSPOT, and review the site you mentioned and if I was right.

I had to create an application OAuth to access tools from HUBSPOT, since my boss told me what he understood, when he explained the operation of HUBSPOT (although he understood). In response to your question, it is not exactly an OAuth application as such, it is a web platform for a university here in Mexico City for students graduated from the high school education.

The idea is the following: You have forms that request data from the boys, where they request personal data, data from a variety of activities, events and data of users accessing the system including the passwords of the same.

I don't have the data in the amount of records that are stored when the button is pressed from each form, the action is that they are stored in the database where it is mounted the site and at the same time are stored in hubspot in lists that are created there, this with each of the forms.

What I need is to link somehow Hubspot for the data is inserted in these lists that were created in the platform; in addition, this university has an account within hubspot, would there be any way to also bind the data stored in your account to be reflected in our web platform?

And i hope i will be able to support Isaac. Best regards.


Hi @Tester,

Sorry, but I am having a difficult time understanding you.

It sounds like you want to capture form submissions in HubSpot. To do this, you should use HubSpot forms or the Forms API.

If also sounds like you want to sync existing contact data from your platform to HubSpot and back to your platform. If so, use the Contacts API.

Depending on your goals, you may want to use both APIs.