Link new created contact with unknown visitor (tracked via cookie)


I am using the Hubspot Client-side analytics library to track unknown visitors. While tracking I am providing them with a unique uuid. Further along in my funnel once we collect email addresses I am creating a contact via the Hubspot API.

Is it possible to link this "visitor" with the newly created contact via the uuid? Using the Hubspot API I am able to locate my "visitor" record and see it has an identity profile corresponding to my uuid. What I would like to do is when creating a new contact supply my uuid and have Hubspot link the records since the uuid already exists as an identity profile on another record.


Hi @walter_woodall,

It's not technically possible to make that association with just an external ID, but if you can find an anonymous visitor record and a contact record with matching IDs, you could use the Forms API or the identify method of the tracking code API to associate the hubspotutk value with the existing contact record: