Link to external document


I don’t want to upload pdf documents to hubspot as the “” document says it will be accessible via public CDN.

I just want to be able to create a field where I can store a link in it then when it is displayed in hubspot it must display as a hyperlink - so the user can download the document.

Is this possible?


Hi @carolynebrownlee,

Values stored in object properties will not show in the HubSpot UI as a hyperlink. You could attach the file to an object record (where it would appear under attachments):


Thanks Derek – this wont work because I don’t want the file to be stored on your public CDN


Hi @carolynebrownlee,

If the file is hosted externally, you could either store the URL in a contact property (without hyperlinking) or add a note engagement with the URL (hyperlinking available).


Thanks Derek – I will go the note root – only thing is it will have to pinned to be displayed at the top always.
Would have been nice if it were rather listed under attachments