Linking web sessions to Contacts



I’m working on an integration between HubSpot and ResponseTap, a call tracking provider that links a visitor’s web session to a phone call.

I’m capturing the hubspotutk cookie and then using the form submission API to send a ‘phone call’ form submission containing this cookie. For contacts that have previously filled in a form on a website which includes the email address, this works perfectly and the ‘Phone call’ form appears under the contacts details.

However we’re seeing a lot of ‘No Contact’ submissions. I created contacts for a few of my colleagues and sent them an email from HubSpot which contained a link to the demo site where the HubSpot code is installed. They clicked on the link and then made a phone call to the tracking number displayed, which resulted in ‘phone call’ form submissions, however they aren’t being tied back to the Contact, which I thought they would be. Is my assumption wrong? How are contacts tied to web browser sessions? Is a form submission with your cookie and the email address the only way?





If you are seeing “no contact” there is an issue with your POST. Make sure you are including the {"Content-type" :"application/x-www-form-urlencoded"} header and that your submission is actually url encoded.

If you want to include and example POST I’d be happy to take a look to see if I can spot anything obvious.



Hi Seb, thanks, I’ve double checked the headers and url encoding. The contact is updated when I include an email address in the form submission, but when this is absent HubSpot doesn’t tie together the form submission to the existing contact, even though that contact has opened an email on the same browser. Is a form submission containing the HubSpot cookie and the email address the only way to link a HubSpot cookie id to a Contact? I’m guessing it’s not done when an email link is opened in that browser?


Oh I see, yes you must include email in a form submission to link to the existing contact.