List filtered on custom contact property with less than 1 day resolution


We’re trying to provide for filtering a list based on a datetime custom Contact property. From everything we’ve seen here and in the Hubspot docs there’s no way to do this, though. We can see the full date and time in the property history, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to get at that data at less than date resolution to create a cart abandonment list for contacts that last interacted with the cart 4 hours ago.

The problem seems to be that you can only set the Hubspot Contacts UI field type to date for custom properties.

How are others getting around this problem?


@lightcap as I mentioned in the other thread, the system does support specific times, but the UI will only let you pick a date. You can use the API to create or update a list and specify a specific time.


Thanks @dadams. I would have thought this was a somewhat normal requirement to handle through the Hubspot, so I’m more than a little surprised it has to be done programmatically.