List of all fields returned in an API



Is it possible to get the list of fields returned by an API call without generating a sample set. Some of the fields are optional and present rarely in records.



Hi @sprabha,

Which API’s are you referring to, specifically? In many case, the fields returned may vary; for example, the get contact endpoint from the Contacts API won’t return a property if the contact in question doesn’t have a value for that property.


Hi Derek,
I am currenly working on Contacts API. I am currently having to specify the property name to retrieve a particular property of a contact. So in order to know the property names I retrieve a sample set of 10 records, but some properties are not present in the sample set. So it s difficult to get the complete list of properties available for a contact


I am expecting more of a documentation of available fields


Hi @sprabha,

You can find lists of the default properties in the Knowledge Base (see below), but the properties returned by the web hook can vary. If .a contact doesn’t have a value for a particular property, that property will not be returned in the response. If you need a comprehensive list of the contact properties for a certain portal, you can use the Contact Properties API; specifically, the endpoint here:

And here are the lists of default HubSpot properties: