List of CTA's via the Hubspot API


I’m looking for a way to pull a list of all CTA’s from Hubspot (plus their embed codes). So I can integrate these into other sites easier.

At the moment it’s a bit clunky as have to manually insert the embed code into the site. Would be great if I could manage this via the API as would make it much more user friendly for non Hubspot CMS’s.


Hey Ralph,

We don’t currently have a CTA API. We’ve definitely heard this request before, and I know the team is aware of it and is interested in releasing this API in the future. I’ll pass your request along, and if you sign up for our developer beta group you’ll get early access whenever we do launch it or any other new APIs into beta.



Thanks Dillon, I have signed up.

I’d be keen to create a Wordpress plugin when it’s available.



I would love for a CTA API endpoint to exist for the precise reason that Ralph_Vugts suggested. Doing so would allow for more elegant integrations with sites that do not use the HubSpot COS which is still the norm (WordPress, Drupal etc…)

I saw this request shot down on the product ideas forum which I found to be troubling.

Making everything available via the API will allow the product to be fully adopted across multiple platforms.

Has there been any progress or movement on an API for the CTAs?


I agree, I would love to see a CTA API endpoint as well.

In the meantime, I developed a simple WordPress plugin to create as much of an integration as possible, with an options page to enter CTA information, which is then dynamically synced to a tinyMCE button to visually insert a shortcode into a post or page. You can read more about it or download it and test it out yourself in my blog post here:

Hope that might help you while we wait for the API :slight_smile:



Has there been any movement on an API endpoint for CTAs? I am kind of baffled that this hasn’t been released or seriously considered yet.


Same here. The HS blog API is somewhat useless for us because we use CTAs within our blog posts, and the blog API delivers the CTA template code, not the CTA html itself. Thus CTA template code is useless on the remote site where we are trying to use our HS blog content.


Would also like to see some movement here. Seems strange to have API end points for pretty much everything but this. I couldn’t imagine it would be a huge technical challenge to implement either.


Hi guys.

I also wonder if there is any movement on an API endpoint for CTAs?


Hi there, is there any update on this please?


Hi all,

Thank you for your engagement here. I too have heard this request before, however I have nothing new to report regarding the release of a CTA API.

The HubSpot Community Ideas Forum is the best place to share feature requests, and I'm afraid the discussion here hasn't had the visibility it deserves. The product teams regularly monitor posts and generally prioritize ideas which have the most engagement from and greatest potential impact on users.

I found this existing idea requesting a CTA API. If you would like such a feature added, please upvote and comment on the post. I've already upvoted it.

I recommend including as much detail as possible per these best practices. The more the product teams understand a feature's use case, the more accurate they will be when scoping the feature.

Thank you for your understanding. I will close this topic to maximize feedback on this idea.