Listening For Form Submit Success From Form Module



We are using landing page templates built with the standard form module. I need to trigger events and conversions on certain Hubspot form submissions. When embedding the form(s) externally we have the onFormSubmit attribute, but I’m at a loss of what to do when in the HS landings specifically.

We could listen for form submissions using jQuery .submit, but the lack of a success condition makes it too unreliable.

What is the best way to listen for a successful form submission from the standard form module on a Hubspot landing page?

Any help is appreciated!


Hi @krpurk

There’s an event named hsvalidatedsubmit that fires for the form when the submission is validated. There are a few examples in this thread that show how you can use that event:


Thanks @dadams appears to have worked like a charm!

Is there a good resource to find any other hs form events?