Live Chat fails due to an error about linked vids


We're using the "Identify a visitor" functionality of the tracking code API (, along with Hubspot CRM Live Chat (the free plan). We recently noticed that the Live Chat widget stopped showing up for one of our internal users (but it still shows up for another internal user). For this user, the Live Chat endpoint that's called by the frontend JS ( returns a 413 response code with a body that includes a message that says "found 501 linked vids with a limit of 500" (identifiers have been replaced with "123" below):


Response body:

{"status":"error","message":"{\"status\":\"error\",\"message\":\"{\\\"status\\\":\\\"error\\\",\\\"message\\\":\\\"found 501 linked vids with a limit of 500\\\",\\\"correlationId\\\":\\\"cf56a5dc-6747-4798-ae8f-3287b19fc16e\\\",\\\"requestId\\\":\\\"123\\\"}\",\"correlationId\":\"cf56a5dc-6747-4798-ae8f-3287b19fc16e\",\"requestId\":\"123\"}","correlationId":"cf56a5dc-6747-4798-ae8f-3287b19fc16e","requestId":"123"}

The chat widget shows up for at least some other users, though. We haven't been able to find any plan limits that indicate a limit of 500 visitors. There's another related post about this (Error about Linked Vids), but there isn't any useful information for us there. We've been seeing this occur consistently for this user for about 48 hours.

Why is this happening and how can we fix it?


Hi @johnharve,

That error refers to the merge limit described here rather than a chat visitor limit.

Would you share a link to the internal contact which triggered the response?


Hi @Isaac_Takushi, thanks, that's helpful to know!

I can't find a contact that's associated with this request. When I search for the name or email that we send to the "Identify a visitor" API (using frontend JS) within our contacts, there are no results. I think that we may only create contacts when someone starts a chat session.

In case it's useful, there are other IDs in the response (correlationId and requestId) that could be helpful for debugging this; here's an example of a response:

{"status":"error","message":"{\"status\":\"error\",\"message\":\"{\\\"status\\\":\\\"error\\\",\\\"message\\\":\\\"found 501 linked vids with a limit of 500\\\",\\\"correlationId\\\":\\\"bc38efaa-ae46-48d4-9432-13bc6b2ef547\\\",\\\"requestId\\\":\\\"cc4693e0-d70c-4950-89b3-d246cdf056c7\\\"}\",\"correlationId\":\"bc38efaa-ae46-48d4-9432-13bc6b2ef547\",\"requestId\":\"14f174a4-8534-4c2d-93b5-81c5d8945f5e\"}","correlationId":"bc38efaa-ae46-48d4-9432-13bc6b2ef547","requestId":"2eec75a2cf34ba5544441db5a13cafe9"}

If those aren't helpful, feel free to email me, and I can give you the email and/or name that are being sent to the "Identify a visitor" API, or other info. My email is the word "feelies" spelled backwards at Gmail. Thanks!


Hi @johnharve,

We've talked privately, but I wanted to update this topic as well.

I believe your internal user was assigned more than 500 vids due to a known issue with HubSpot live chat adding extraneous identities to visitors. In some cases, this prevented contacts from obtaining new identities.

As @Derek_Gervais mentions in this similar topic, the team is still working to implement a fix. In the meantime, we don't have a way to clear out the extraneous vids from your colleague's record, but I'll be sure to keep you updated on our progress.