Live chat not working for smart list



I've 2 messages settings but one of them doesn't work as expected.

This one that targets a smart list is not showing up the live chat messages:

This one with a manual targeted URL is working:


Hi @batjaa,

If you're experiencing issues with HubSpot Messages, can you reach out to our Support org? You can contact them by clicking on the 'Help' widget in your portal or by calling 1 888-482-7768 x3.


Hey @Derek_Gervais!

I've tried. But we couldn't get much far. If you have access you can read the thread:

TLDR: I know the cookie is being fetched but the live chat bubble is not showing up for our users who are in a smart list.


Hi @batjaa,

Ok based on that ticket, it looks like the hs_context parameter wasn't being passed after a form submission, and you're now saying that you can confirm the parameter is being passed now? While I can't be sure just yet, my guess would be that the contacts in that list aren't seeing the correct live chat bubble because the tracking code can't identify their usertoken.

Can you give me an example contact that is experiencing this issue so that I can take a look?


Any user from this list:

example user:


Hi @batjaa,

Ok, so that user has a usertoken associated with their contact record. Assuming they're visiting your site from the browser that has that tracking cookie, they should be seeing the correct messages pop up. Is it possible that the contact in question was visiting your site via a different browser?

Also, this is fairly tricky to troubleshooting in the abstract. Would you mind creating a test contact record and deal for me, that I can use to visit your website myself? That would likely be easier than examining existing contact records.