Livechat - notifications for assigned rep + browser tab flash


Please add a notifications feature or workflow functionality so that a rep can get a notification when one of the contacts they own starts a chat on the website even when that rep is offline. It would be really helpful for our reps to know exactly when a lead they might be pursuing has started a chat so that they can follow up shortly thereafter!

Also - can the browser tab flash in a way that catches the chat agent's eye. The same functionality would be great for customers too (if it doesn't already exist).

Thank you!


Hi @thisisdatis, there currently exists functionality in the contact owner section here:, that sends an email to the owner when they chat in:

If a visitor already exists in your contacts database and is owned and tracked with a cookie, when the visitor live chats or sends an email, it'll be routed to the visitor's owner if they're online. If the owner is offline, then the message will be emailed to the visitor's owner.

Is this the type of functionality that you're looking for? If not and you're looking for something more specific, let me know. I'm happy to pass this along internally, but the best place for feedback is our ideas forum here: