Loading screen all the time



I have tried created a Hubspot API that will create a page. But when you want to edit the created page from the Hubspot Website, you can see the loading screen and it won’t disappear. :frowning2:

I have to inspect elements to remove the loading screen so that I can edit the page.

Is this a bug in Hubspot or I missed something in my API integration.

Please advise.


@KGdeveloper When you go to that page do you get any errors? If you are having trouble figuring out the error is I would contact and show support what you are seeing. Once we know what the issue is we can help trouble shoot it from a technical perspective if it goes over supports head.



@pmanca I didn’t got any errors. I tried creating a page with only one custom module and the loading screen disappeared but it was 2 minutes. I think with many modules you add in the template (created by pure html) will increase the loading time.