Local Include problems - see link


Hi. I am trying to develop my site locally but have some issues.

1. When including files:

<head> ... all default from coded files </head>
{% include 'custom/blog/common/about_us.html' %}
            {% include 'custom/blog/common/subscribe-box.html' %}.

The preview of the blog imports the head content inside body tag.


  1. Alot of


appers inside the body content which affects the margins.

Kind regards.


Hi @mariusw,

&#65279 is the Unicode Character ‘ZERO WIDTH NO-BREAK SPACE’ (U+FEFF). After some digging online, it appears this can sometimes make its way into code since it’s not visible in editors that display unicode characters. The following stackoverflow topic has some pointers on eliminating these characters, the simplest of which is to copy your code into an editor that does not display unicode characters and delete them.


Thanks Derrick. Do you have any idea what is happening with the head information appearing in the body tag?