Log events API does not return any contacts




I use the endpoint as provided for

“types”: [

The response returned from the server for different filters included in PUT request body, alwas show same result:
“objects”: [],
“limit”: 1490531714213,
“offset”: null,
“size”: 0,
“hasMore”: false
“limit” value changes, however no objects and size always = 0.

Any suggestions ?


Hi @MikeKozlov,

If you’re getting a response with an empty "objects" array, it generally means that the workflow in question doesn’t have any log events that meet the specified filters. Could you direct message me with the Hub ID and Workflow ID that you’re trying to get log events for?


Hi @MikeKozlov,

Thank you for reaching out via direct message. Looking at the workflow in your portal, I can see that the most recent log event is dated August 29th 2016. When calling the Log Events endpoint, the Limit Date (limitDate=) parameter is the earliest date of an event that will be return from the result set. This parameter defaults to 180 days in the past from current time, which is why you weren’t seeing any log events returned. If you include a limitDate parameter from before August 29th 2016, you should see some log events appearing.


hi @Derek_Gervais,

Thank you for your answer.
It is working with the Limit Date (limitDate=) parameter specfied.