Log of deleted property in hubspot


does hubspot keep a log of who deleted a custom property? I have a property that has been deleted twice and we dont know who is doing it. This is causing our API to fail.


@Jonny_Katz There is a log of actions but it won’t be in the UI. If you call into support they should be able to help get you that information. Here is our phone number. 1-888-HUBSPOT x3 (1-888-482-7768 x3) Here is the link to our support page if you would like to contact us via another method. https://help.hubspot.com/


i called and they said they are looking into it and never heard back :frowning:


@Jonny_Katz I am sorry that you didn’t hear back. Do you know who you spoke with?


no idea sorry, pity i couldnt find this out,