Looking for a Blog theme for SignatureVisas.com



Hello Guys,

Yesterday, I was searching blog templates for my website Signature Visas. I have found wordpress, shopify, wix and blogger. My website in php and i want to run a blog for my website. I liked wordpress theme but the speed of wordpress is very slow. Can you suggest a blog theme my website, signaturevisas.com.

I have mainly 3 categories, on canada pr visa, Australia pr visa, USA pr visa, UK pr visa and Germany visa.

Please suggest me.


Hey @signaturevisas, this forums is mainly used for HubSpot developer's questions on HubSpot's public APIs, so this may not be the best place to reach out regarding your inquiry. At the very least, we can rule out HubSpot as a possible destination as we don't support PHP code in our template builder. If anybody else has any suggestions, feel free to comment!