Looking for a HubSpot API development help for a simple project



We would like to be able to “explode” a contact property into multiple contact properties for a client. Here’s what we want to do:

  • contacts synced from Salesforce to HubSpot (could be several contacts at once, so we need to respect API limits)
  • one of the fields that are synced contains data that we need to split across around 100 fields
  • workflow triggers a webhook to get the code to start the split operation
  • the code reads the property, splits it (using “;” as a separator) and writes it back to 100 separate properties.
  • code sets a contact property to show that split operation has been completed successfully

If you are wondering why we need to do this, it’s because we are passing a lot of product information from an ecommerce system that creates multiple customised emails based upon what the customer has recently bought. We’re short of fields in SF, so can’t allocate 100 fields to do this (but there are no such problems in HS).

Ideally I’d like some sample code to show how to do it, but we would consider an offer to do the turnkey development as a paid job if you think it’s more complex than it seems.

Thank you!