Looking for a Photography theme for VivekkVikas.com



Hello Guys,

Yesterday, I was searching Photography templates for my website VivekkVikas Photography. I have found wordpress, wix and html. My current website in wordpress and i want to change the platform of minewebsite. I liked wordpress theme but the speed of wordpress is very slow. Can you suggest a photography theme my website, vivekkvikas.com .

I have mainly 3 categories, on pre wedding shoot, candid photography, destination wedding photography,cinematography, and videography.

Please suggest me.


Hi @vivekkvikasphotograp , this forum is for collaboration with HubSpot APIs/ CMS for developers on HubSpot only so this may not be the best place to ask. HubSpot could work as we have a standalone CMS and Marketplace of templates. Others feel free to comment, but you may be best served looking for an answer elsewhere since this forum isn't related to wordpress or wix :slight_smile: