Looking for documentation/info re /analytics/v2/conversion-assists or /analytics


I’m working on updating an integration that uses the endpoint /analytics/v2/conversion-assists but I can’t find any documentation for any endpoints for /analytics.

For some accounts the response returns results and seems to work fine.

But for others it returns e.g. 404 for /analytics/v2/conversion-assists/leads/total and {"status":"error","message":"Could not map row breakdowns","correlationId":xxx","requestId":"xxx"}

Does anyone know the status of this resource?


Having a look, I just found possibly worth noting:

For the same account that returns the 404 for analytics/v2/conversion-assissts/leads/total, it returns results for /analytics/v2/sources/social/total

Have certain pieces of the /analytics/v2/ API been deprecated?