Lots of upserts?


I've signed up for HubSpot, and use Segment to send it stuff. Something is sending a lot of calls to create contacts to the HubSpot API (I have 600-odd contacts that look familiar but I don't know where they're from).

The only other place this stuff could be is in PipeDrive (our previous CRM), but I've checked there and there are no links to the HS API.

I've only given my HS API key to Segment.

I'm overlooking something obvious here, but I can't for the life of me see what. Any idea? Is there some way to see any API calls and sources of any calls?


More possibly relevant data: we already use HS for B2B, I'm setting it up fresh for B2C with a similar company name. HS noticed and called us – any chance some person at HS tried to be helpful and initiate data reconciliation between the two systems, then forgot to mention it?


Hi @sjmog,

I can say that no one here at HubSpot would initiate any import/data transfer without your explicit consent, but I'm not entirely sure where those contacts may have come from. If you reach out with an example contact or two, I can dig in to try and find some more details.


Hi Derek – I did go through this process previously with a colleague of yours. The imports have recently stopped, and we're doing our own cross-referencing. Thank you for the support!