Mail event type not updated


I want to see the type of an email that I sent using the ‘Get Email Event By ID’ API.
The actions I did:

  1. Sent an email through postman using the ‘Single Send API’


  1. Saved the ‘eventId’ that returned.
  2. Call the ‘Get Email Event By ID’:
    The request:

The response:


  1. I’ve opened the email that I’ve sent and clicked a link in the mail.
  2. Call again to the ‘Get Email Event By ID’, and the response was the same, with the type: ‘SENT’
  3. I entered to the hubSpot app, and it was updated:

Also, if I’m using the ‘Get email events’ api, the type that returned is ‘OPEN’, and not ‘CLICK’.

Why I didn’t get the right type: ‘CLICKED’ from those APIs?


Does anyone can help me please?


Hi @gallib2,

That specific event is the SENT event; it's not going to change based on new actions, since those will generate new events. What you want is to pull events for that specific campaign: