Major API feature flaws: email as only UID + custom field search


Hi folks

I’m primarily interested in using Hubspot as a backend CRM and sales tool for Facebook Messenger bots. I was a customer before the acquisition and immediately began work switching to HubSpot as a result.

But the API right now has two major flaws:

  1. Email address as the only (and required) unique identifier for a contact. I’m focused on Messenger bots so I don’t need to (or want to) collect email addresses. I also intended to do all automation and communication via bots which I hope the HubSpot UI will adapt to with the integration of “Conversations” and Motionai.

  2. Inability to perform API search queries on custom fields. Since I can’t add a Facebook UID as the HubSpot UID I figured I could workaround that by creating a FBUID custom field and then querying the API for that value to match Facebook user account to HubSpot user account. Nope. That feature is not available anywhere in the API. Many other CRM APIs have the ability to search on custom fields.

These two issues are a huge pain requiring messy external database hacks and emails with IDs to keep track of which HubSpot user belongs to which Facebook Messenger user.