Manipulate form script jQuery on hubpot page



Hi all,

I'm trying to manipulate a HubSpot form that is within a HubSpot page.
The manual on the developers website of HubSpot is only for a embed code and not for the HubSpot page forms.

How can I manipulate a existing HubSpot form with jQuery like the code below without creating it? If posible, I don't want to embed the custom code script manually on the page on that place and still want to use the form selector within HubSpot.

    portalId: 'XXXXXX',
    formId: 'aa8b5b4a-62ac-461b-a387-XXXXXXXXXXX',
    onFormReady($form, ctx){
   		$('input[value="checkbox_1"]').prop('checked', true).change();


Hi @Indra,

It's not currently possible to do that with a form built into a HubSpot page, but you could add some custom Javascript to listen to the global form events instead: