Manual Export of VID for Large List


We have a fairly large list of contacts we are attempting to sync (250,000). I am using the API’s to get the VisitorID (which we are using to sync to our internal CRM).

Over the past 2 days - the program I have been using has stalled a couple of times. I am using the “all” contacts to pull all 250,000 100 at a time.

I cannot determine the issues - whether it’s a network issue or a timeout issue.

I tried to export the entire list of contacts with VID field - but it does not seem to be in the list of export fields (when doing manual). Is there any other easy way to get email and VID for the entire database without the looping 100 at a time?


Hi @mcmillansp

Contact vids are only going to be included when using the APIs, so it’s not something you can get from a normal export.

Are you seeing any errors from HubSpot’s APIs? Or any other errors when the job is stalling? There isn’t a way to just get a list of all vids, so pulling all contacts and getting the email property would be the best way to get the email and vid.


I was occasionally getting a gateway timout response. A few other times I was just stopping.

I rewrote some code and seems to be working OK now.

My primary question was exporting of VID - which you anwered.