Mapping app custom properties to contact properties in Hubspot



I’m trying to add a custom property to a Timeline API Event type and map it to a contact property within HubSpot however, I’m receiving an error indicating, “The contact property is not enabled to be set” (see included screenshot). I can’t for the life of me figure out how to enabled the contact property so it can be mapped and ultimately updated by Timeline API event requests.

Does anyone know how to enable contact properties so they can be mapped?

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@tdaly at the moment only default contact properties can be mapped, so you won’t be able to map any custom properties that you’ve created.


Hi @dadams: Can you please confirm whether this issue fixed yet or not?


Hello @dadams,

you said, “only default contact properties can be mapped”. What is the list of default properties ? Can I add my custom property to the list of default properties ?

Thanks ahead!