Marketing Email Disabled


I want to send an email using marketing email in Hubspot Marketing Enterprise version but send and schedule tab in email section is showing this message " Your account doesn’t allow for the sending of emails right now, but you can create some drafts for later.".
I am not able to send an email using send now button but i can send email by clicking on Send Test Email Icon.
Can anyone help me out what did i miss in setting?


@Usha Is this a trial/test account or a fully live account? We don’t allow email sending from test/trial accounts in order to protect our sender scores for our customers.


Thanks for the response, so which version i need to buy to get email marketing?


@usha Marketing basic/pro/enterprise.


@pmanca I have a question actually I am fetching contact email properties data using Contact Subscription. I am able to get data for First email click date, First email open date and First email send date properties but not able to get data for Last email click date, Last email name , Last email open date and Last email send date properties.
Can you please guide me how can I get data from these properties?



@Usha I would make sure you are using the correct internal name for them. All of the contact properties are available to pull and all work the same way.


Will it work on hubspot trial version also?


@Usha Yes it should be able to pull the information but the info should be blank as you can’t send emails out in a trial.


What I’m trying to understand here is how can I get “Email subject or Email name or Email Template name” through contact subscription? Is it even possible in trial version or email name can only be get in paid version of hubspot? I’m getting “First open date”, “First click date” etc but it would make more sense if I would be able to identify WHICH email was being opened and WHICH email was being clicked by the contact. Additionally FYI I’m expecting these information(specifically email name) through email tools (test email) to contact, is it something that is affecting the output and is this why I’m not getting email name? Please advise.
Your prompt help will be greatly appreciated.


@Usha Where are you sending your emails from? I don’t think I am following you on what information you are expecting to see as you shouldn’t be able to send email out through a trial. Can you paste the link from the dev docs what endpoint you are using?


Just for testing, I am sending an email using Email Tool.


@Usha A subscription can have many emails in it. I don’t think you can grab that information from that location. Either way you shouldn’t be able to pull that information while on a trial.


I have created Contact Subscription with Property change: lastmodifieddate Event in developer App for getting contact email properties information. But I am unable to get Last email name (hs_email_last_email_name) property information. At least it should come as blank but it is not coming with my JSON object. I am calling below mentioned API

Please advise.Your prompt help will be greatly appreciated.


@Usha you only get a property for a contact if the property has ever been set, otherwise it won’t be in the JSON