Md5 filter not working properly


I believe there is a bug in the system when using the md5 "filter". We sent out an email to thousands of recipients and our data tracking looked like it was the same email delivered to every user. This is due to a weird bug in the md5 filter.

See the following output. Notice how the {{|md5 }} variable produces the same value each time yet {{ }} produces the correct output, I think it is actually hashing "" instead of the value for the variable. Not sure what to do here....

contact.emai = mf********.com|md5 = 439ffdd65ff15a8e187119229eab7f6e

contact.emai = j********@****.com|md5 = 439ffdd65ff15a8e187119229eab7f6e

contact.emai = candis*********@*****.com|md5 = 439ffdd65ff15a8e187119229eab7f6e


Hi there,

It is currently expected behavior that the 'md5' filter isn't working in your emails. If you look at the top of the HubL Supported Filters page, it states:

Please note that using filters on personalization variables (contact and company variables) is not currently supported for email in HubSpot. Filters can be applied to these properties on COS page and blog templates.