Meeting Scheduler integration help



We use the Hubspot Sales meeting scheduler feature on our website to help schedule demos. It is a great end user experience for the visitor, however, it is majorly flawed as it creates every new contact with an original source of offline and the contact’s web page activity details are also empty with no future tracking. This all means that our Marketing team have no idea how this lead came to us, whether is was organic or whether or not one of their campaigns should be the source.

I believe this happens because the Meetings booking page is hosted on app.hubspot So the visitor clicks the link on our tracked page and moves over to the other domain, cookie and tracking information lost.

The obvious solution is to put a quick hubspot form that they must fill before accessing the calendar booking but this is an extra step in the journey and not ideal.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hi @Cathal_Moran,

You’re correct that the current inability to associate the user’s cookie info with their contact record is related to the fact that the meetings tool isn’t technically hosted on your domain, but rather in app. This is something that the product team is taking into consideration; if you have the inclination, I would encourage you to throw your support behind the following topic in the Ideas Forum:


Thanks @Derek_Gervais .
You’ll see that I’ve already added my feedback and vote to that idea.
Can you give any insight into the level of priority with which the product team is considering addressing this? i.e. is it just an idea or is there a developer actively working on a solution?

I’ve spent many hours this week working out a new request a demo flow for our website which includes considerations to replace the meetings tool with competitor applications.


Hi Derek,

Just a thought on how to fix this. When someone clicks the CTA on my site to book a meeting, could you guys not just extract the unique tracking id from the cookie and pass it as a query param to the meetings app on the HubSpot domain. That app page would then pass the tracking id with the meeting booking, enabling you to track all of the previous interactions the customer has had on my site?

Pretty Please


Hi @Cathal_Moran,

This issue is being actively worked on by our product team, though I don’t have any timeframe to share. The team understands the importance of being able to track leads created from meetings; in the meantime, the best way to track this issue is by monitoring the post to the ideas forum.