Meeting Tool - Can you do anything with it?



Aside from which fields are displayed, it’s super limited it appears. We need to be able to fire off conversion pixels when someone books a meeting/demo with us to attribute the marketing spend and journey to that user. Right now, I cannot seem to find any creative solution.


Solution: Discover any way to embed the booking tool without an iframe
Issue: There isn’t any, other than a link

Solution: Use a Workflow to trigger a webhook when someone books a meeting
Blocker: The meeting tool, owned by Hubspot, is less integrated than 3rd parties like Zendesk when it comes to Workflows. There is nothing we can look at, we can’t even see this in the timeline! It just shows a calendar booking.

Solution: Listen to any events from the success of the Hubspot form
Blocker: It’s an iframe…not possible unless it were on our own domain.

Solution: Trigger a conversion when someone clicks a button that opens the booking widget
Blocker: This isn’t really a conversion, it just shows interest in booking a meeting, not intent.

Does anyone else use this tool? Has anyone else have suggestions?


For the workflow, I added url parameters for utm_campaign, utm_source, and utm_medium to the main url in the iFrame code for each landing page. I then can use last meeting booked [campaign, source, medium] as criteria for enrolling in the workflow. Far Far Far from ideal but at least it works for pushing the data to salesforce.

The tracking issues on the other hand are driving me crazy.