Meetings API and Sales Dashboard



We are setting up an API at the level of commitments, meetings type.

Everything seems to work but we are having problems with sales dashboards.

The meetings that our developer creates and that arrive on HubSpot through the API do not appear in the 'My Upcoming Meetings' dashboard. However, they are included in the dashboards 'Team Activity', 'Productivity' and 'My Meetings'.

Could you tell us how to solve this problem?

Thanks for your help.




To be complete, I must also say that upcoming appointments recorded via the API appear on the contact record but HubSpot seems to consider that these appointments have already been made. Indeed, the tool says "You had an appointment with ...".

Could you check if everything is set correctly please?

For your information, your Support Team discovered that to correctly display the appointment on the contact record and in all the Sales dashboards, you must:

  1. Go to the contact record
  2. Click on Edit Appointment
  3. Click on Save without changing anything

However, we can not ask our client to do this every time.



In order to find out if this is an error in the request we send, I provide you the JSON string (this is a meeting exported this morning).

{"engagement": {"active": true,"ownerId": 32138618,"type": "MEETING" },"associations": {"contactIds": [16860751],"ownerIds": [32138618] },"metadata": {"body": "RDV - PREVOT GENEVIEVE<BR><BR>","startTime": 1534242600000,"endTime": 1534249800000,"title": "Rendez-vous"} }

In orange, the optional parameters that our developer does not fulfill (even if an optional field should not cause a malfunction if it is not filled).

Thank you for your reply.


Hi @Mathilde,

Thank you for the thorough topic. Could you give me a link to a record in HubSpot that has one of these meetings? I'd like to take a closer look at a live example, if possible.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

Thank you for your reply. However, we found the cause of the problem. We have positioned via the API the 'timestamp Optional timestamp' field at the start date of the meeting and everything is back in order.

Our developer is still troubled by the fact that the date of the beginning of meeting is dispatched in two fields.

But the main thing is that it works :wink: