Merge subscription types and/or batch change contact subscriptions


Is it possible to merge multiple existing subscription types with all associated contacts into one subscription type, associating all contacts within any of the source subscription types to this new type? Alternatively is there a way to batch change a subscription type of all uses belonging of a certain subscription type ( asking both for standard HS backend and API solution ). Many thanks.


Hi @xtrabytes,

I'm not entirely clear on what you're trying to do. Are you referring to email subscription types? It's not possible to merge these, and they're not directly associated with contacts. Are you perhaps referring to subscription lists in the Lists tool? Can you give me some more context around what you're doing?


Hi Derek, yes, subscription types. We have some legacy types and want to merge them into fewer subscription types without losing the subscribers in each list, so a subscriber of the old list should become subscriber of the new merged list.


Hi @xtrabytes,

I understand; thanks for the context. This isn't possible; here's a short example of why this type of merging isn't possible:

If I have three email types:

  1. Marketing info
  2. Product Updates
  3. Membership Updates

I might decide that I want to consolidate and merge the similar 'Product Updates' and 'Membership Updates' into a newer replacement subscription type, ' Subscription Updates'. Since all future emails that would have fallen under 'Product Updates' or 'Membership Updates' will now fall under 'Subscription Updates', it makes sense that merging the two email types would subscribe all contacts from the old email types to the new email type.

The issue is that the contacts that the new email type will include emails from both older types, and the contacts that subscribed to one or the other email types did not necessarily opt in to the other email types. For example, if I opted in to 'Product Updates' but not 'Membership Updates,' the merge into 'Subscription Updates' would effectively opt me into 'Membership Updates' without my consent. For this reason, you can't merge or otherwise combine existing email types. All you can do is create new email types, and contacts can decide to opt in/out of the new type as they see fit.

Let me know if you have any other questions on this!