Merging Marketing and Developer accounts



We are attempting to implement an export of contacts from a user account on our platform to a user's account on HubSpot via Oauth 2.0. We're trying to create applications to use in our Staging and Live environments. Currently we have a main account where we'd like to create an application for our Live environment but cannot as it does not have developer permissions. How would we go about changing this?

We also have an account for our Staging which is a developer account so I can create an application but would like to test the export to this account. Therefore, we'd like to give this Staging account marketing permissions.

Is this at all possible?


Hi @markjdvs,

There three types of portals here, and I want to make sure we're getting the language right:

  1. Developer portals
    • Developer portals are unique in that they only have access to the developer tools. These portals are used for creating/managing apps and test portals. They cannot install integrations, and they are not used for any Marketing/CRM responsibilities.
  2. Test Portals
    • Test portals are adapted trials with a Marketing Enterprise subscription level. For all intents and purposes, they function the same way a production Marketing/CRM portal does. The only differences are that test portals can expire, and can be managed via the Testing dashboard of a Developer portal. Test portals do not have access to developer tools.
  3. Production Portals
    • Production portals are live Marketing/CRM portals; this is the portal that you run your business on. These portals have access to whichever level of Marketing/CRM subscription you pay for, and the corresponding functionality. Production portals do not have access to developer tools.

With the language established, I want to make sure we're on the same page regarding your goals. It's not possible to merge a Developer portal with a production portal, but it is possible to install an app to your production portal. Is that what you're looking to do?