Messenger to HubSpot integration


Hi there! I plan to run this chatbot for my facebook page.

I need an integration with HubSpot. Is this possible? Tnx.


Hi @PetroKrailo,

I’m not aware of any integration with Botmakers. Others here might have more experience with Botmakers, though.


Actually, it’s not about Botmakers integration. I’m a newbie and planning to buy this template. Before that, I need to be sure I can integrate it to my HubSpot crm. Thanks


Hi @PetroKrailo,

If you’re building the integration yourself, then it’s certainly possible to push/pull information to/from HubSpot using our public APIs. The functionality of this integration depends on what you’re looking to do, though. We don’t currently have any bot-specific APIs, but you could take advantage of existing APIs.