Metadata for recording call duration via API


Submitting on behalf of a customer whose goal it is to monitor call duration on the dashboard.

I was able to find the following in the API documetation:

"durationMilliseconds" : 38000,
    // Integer; the length of the call in milliseconds

Is this the right metadata for this type of data pass, on a dashboard report?

Thank you!


Hi @Lisa_Nikolau, yes, that's exactly right! If your customer would like to add a call duration to a CALL engagement via the API, they can add the durationMilliseconds property within the metadata object like in the example here:

"metadata" : {
    "durationMilliseconds" : 38000

This should create a property on the call that sets how long the call went on for in milliseconds. These engagements can then be used within reports.


@Connor_Barley thank you for the confirmation!