Migrate data from one portal to another



Hi everyone,

We are looking at copying data from one of our HubSpot portals to another. We exported our contact information into the new portal, but the contactIds are distinct from portal to portal. We looked into the get engagement and post engagement apis, but the contact and deal Ids do not match from portal to portal. This caused the posted engagements to say “HubSpot user” instead of the correct HubSpot users name. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations on how we can go about accomplishing this task?

Thank you,

Zachary Brody


Hi @zbrod92

Object IDs generally aren’t unique between portals, but they’re also not guaranteed to be sequential, even if created in the same order on the new portal. Any IDs that you’re using with the new portal will need to be pulled for the new portal, so you’d need to do the translation for the IDs between the two portals if you’re trying to match the associations.