Migrate existing OAuth1 users to OAuth2


Hi, we are moving to new OAuth2 and I have question about existing users that are connected.
So we have access and refresh tokens tor them and it successfully works with OAuth1 (refreshing tokens etc.)
But introducing new OAuth2 will work fine for new users but not with the old ones, with token issued with OAuth1.
I have tried to renew access_token for old user using new OAuth endpoint ("/oauth/v1/token") and response is
{"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"missing or invalid refresh token"}
So is there a way around or we should ask all users to reconnect their Hubspot accounts?


Hi @denko

Refresh tokens from OAuth1 will only work with the OAuth1 system, so if you’re updating to OAuth2 you would need to re-authenticate existing users with Oauth2 to get a new refresh token. We realize this isn’t a perfect user experience, but there are enough benefits from OAuth2 that didn’t exist in OAuth1 (especially the new scopes) that make the refresh tokens incompatible between the two.


Hi, since this ticket was last updated 1.5 years ago, is there any way that I can use an API to use a user's OAuth 1 credentials to obtain OAuth 2 credentials, thus permitting an automated migration?