Migrating from Capsule



I've been deferred by Hubspot's technical support to this forum as they were unable to help:

I'm currently migrating some data from CapsuleCRM into Hubspot.

We've successfully used your migration feature for contacts and companies but haven't found a good way to import notes.

Here's the object we're trying to import:

My plan was to lookup the company using the Company's API and then send a POST to /engagements with the created-at timestamp(so we can get the right chronological order + the content of the message).

Problem is, I can't seem to find the ?q=whatever parameter documented on companies, only on contacts.

I'm unsure if my approach is even possible. help?


Hi @markmarkmark,

Just to make sure that we're on the same page, you're looking to create these notes as engagements using the Engagements API, and associate them with the relevant contacts/company? Right now, company search is limited to searching by company domain. You should be able to use the endpoint below to find the companies you're looking for, and then include the ID when creating your engagements.



Hi, as this is the only thread on the forums that match "capsulecrm" I wanted to check in and ask as a non-programmer, was the migration to Hotspot successful and is there a tool or human that I can hire to do a pretty non-massive number of contacts and opportunities into my hotspot account.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @markedphillips,

Of course, there is a tool that can help non-programmer to transfer records into HubSpot.
Moreover, it is possible to migrate all the data or the modules you wish. Both of them are available in automated or custom mode.
You can save a lot of time and money while migrating the data automatically. Also, you will get an opportunity to map the fields and users by yourself. Just note that it works well when you have a clear target CRM.
Otherwise, the Custom Data Migration is available as well. That mode is well suitable for advanced migration requests.
It is important to mention that the data will be migrated with the saved relation between records.

In case you are interested, visit Data2CRM page at HubSpot CRM.
Also, you may contact Data2CRM experts and get useful insights regarding the migration.

Hope this advice is useful for you.
Best Regards.