Minimal account type for contacts Scope



We have an application which use the contacts scope (AppId : 62093).
I would have liked to know what is the type of minimal account that must be to be able to connect to this application with this scope.

According to our tests, it is not possible to connect with a free account because we do not have the ability to activate the lists in the marketing part. Is this normal where is it an error on our part ? (Our application doesn't use lists but the scope description is "this includes prospects and lists").

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Hi @SaphirAngel,

In general, all portal types (Free/Starter/Basic/Pro/Enterprise) should be able to approve an integration requesting the contacts scope. A Free portal would not have access to the Lists tool, so requests made to that API would return a 403, but the portal could still authorize the app.

The only reason this isn't exactly the case right now is because there is a known issue where the only users that can authorize the contacts scope for a Free portal are Super Admins. The portal can still approves the integration, but the user doing the approving must be a Super Admin.

I'll be sure to post an update to the forums when this issue is resolved, but for the time being advise any users with Free portals to have a Super Admin authorize the integration.