Missing Cookie ,(prev. hsfristvisit is missing)



As support didnt have any input as to what might be wrong and why the tracking script doesn’t set the HSFIRSTVISIT cookie i still need some input but a but more generalized

  1. Has there been any changes to the tracking script the last couple of weeks that could have impacted this?
  2. Is there a difference in how the hubspotutk and first visist cookie. The first is there the other is not but as far as i have gotten with my limited Javascript skills it seems both are created in the same run.



Hi @Daniel_D

The hsfirstvisit hasn’t actually been used for a while, so the tracking code will no longer create that cookie as of a few weeks ago. Previous to that they would be set at the same time, but we’ve made several changes to how we calculate the first visit for contacts so hsfirstvisit was removed.


Hi @dadams

Thanks, that make sense as that was last time i saw it. Is there anywhere to read about changes as this one?