Missing IDs from Forms and Blog Posts


Hello again HubSpot team, I know I've been a pain with all these questions but I am almost finished with my integration and just doing some tests and running into a few things. These should hopefully be my last few questions (fingers crossed). Let me know if you would prefer me to make separate topics for these.

  1. What are the exact requirements of a user and a Hub portal in order to use the business-intelligence scope? The docs say "Any Marketing or CRM account" but that's definitely not true. I've tried with a Marketing Free account and I get an error that says:

This hub doesn't have access to some HubSpot features that are required by this integration. Please contact the integrator.

I don't get this error when I use Marketing Enterprise or Pro accounts. Is it just Marketing Free that can't use it right now?

  1. It seems like the IDs from the breakdowns do not match up with the ones returned from their respective endpoints. For example, when I call the Get analytics data for specific objects endpoint using the forms object type I get breakdowns in the form of GUIDs. I then call the Get all forms from a portal endpoint and match the GUID to the form name. However, not all of the GUIDs passed back by the Analytics endpoint are present in the Forms endpiont. Is this because (maybe) that form has been deleted and still has previous analytics data but would not be returned by getting all forms anymore? The same thing happens with blog-posts. Not all of the IDs returned by the breakdowns are present in the List blog posts endpoint. I should mention that I am using hapikey=demo to test those, which I know is not recommended anymore (I think), but the test account I created does not have enough data in it for decent testing.


Anyone have any info on this? I'm trying to get the integration out this week.


Hi again, @Wes_Thompson,

Apologies for the delayed response. Connor and I try to respond to topics in the order they are posted. Edits and subsequent posts — like the one today — reset the [Last] Activity timer, making older topics appear much newer.

I'm glad to hear that you've made a lot of progress on your integration! Happy to clarify further:

  1. While the business-intelligence scope itself exists at all subscription levels, the corresponding tool must also exist in an account for an endpoint to work. Generally speaking, users must have a Marketing Hub Basic [no longer being sold], Professional, or Enterprise subscription to use most of the Analytics API endpoints. Derek's last response to this topic of yours is the clearest explanation I have found. I believe accounts with Marketing Hub Free and Starter subscriptions would only have access to form analytics data.
  2. Yes, I believe this is because the associated objects have since been deleted. Could you provide an example form guid and blog_post_id so that I can verify?

  1. Cool that makes good sense, thank you.

  2. An example guid is the last breakdown returned by the Analytics API: 6620143a-a4b1-4709-a537-c3e5b66c97c1. An example blog_post_id would be the first one returned: 6230818511. It seems like neither of these are present when I look for them in the Get forms endpoint or the List blog posts endpoint. I have also tried passing them in respectively to Get a form by its unique ID and Get the blog post by ID. They just tell me something like resource not found.


Thanks for that information, @Wes_Thompson.

I've confirmed that both form 6620143a-a4b1-4709-a537-c3e5b66c97c1 and blog post 6230818511 have been deleted from the demo account.

I also tested in my own test account and verified that objects which have analytics views will still appear in Analytics API results, but will not be returned by their respective APIs.



Perfect, thank you so much to your entire team for all the help. I should have enough now!


Hey @Isaac_Takushi, I wanted to clarify one thing from your last response now that I'm looking at the data I'm getting back (I can't tell if the docs are vague or if I just suck at reading). I know the docs say that the data being returned mimics the data you would see in the analytics views and is heavily dependent on what data it is I'm requesting, but when you say:

Does that mean that the API will return no data for fields that are not present in any analytics view on the dashboard? I am seeing page entrances, exits, and more, using an actual account I'm testing with, but the pageTime and timePerPageView are not being returned in the results. However, obviously somebody has spent time on the pages.

If that's the case, will adding those fields to an analytics view still give me historical data, or will it only have data starting from the time it was added? I would test this myself but I am using a client's account for testing and do not want to mess with their dashboard or tell them to mess with it until I am 100% sure they need to.


Hey, @Wes_Thompson,

I think we're operating under different definitions of an "analytics view."

I simply meant that assets with historical analytics information — like page views — seem to be returned from the Analytics API, even if they have been deleted.

You, on the other hand, seem to be referring to an "analytics view" as a dashboard report. These widgets pull from the same analytics data as the Analytics API, so you don't have to set up a report before you can pull that information from the API.


@Isaac_Takushi, thanks again for all your help. Do you know why I would be getting no data for pageTime when clearly people have been on the page based on the other data?


Sure thing, @Wes_Thompson.

I'm not sure about that! Could you share the Hub ID and a request URL where you're seeing that?


Hey @Isaac_Takushi, actually no further assistance is necessary. I figured it out on my end. The integration is up and running now so I don't think you'll be seeing me again haha. Thanks again for everything.


Happy to help, @Wes_Thompson!