Missing Merge info after merging two companies



After manually merging two contacts, if I request a GET by contact id with


I have a JSON response containing the information that the contacts were merged (merge-audits):

"merge-audits":[{ "canonical-vid":{ID},
         "entity-id": .........}]

On the other hand, if I manually merge two companies and then try to GET by id like this


I get an empty mergeAudits array within the JSON response (also notice inconsistent property name)



Since there seems not to be a webhook notification for the merge event, I therefore fail to find a way to know when two companies are merged.

Am I wrong?


Hi @mariotrucco,

I’m able to reproduce this issue when merging company records. Let me touch base with the product team for more information, and I’ll get back to you.


Hi @Derek_Gervais,

Did you have a chance to hear back from the team?


Hi @mariotrucco,

I just did today, thank you for your patience on this. There were some changes made to the v2 company endpoints that prevented this information from being included in the response. Going forward, you can now include the includeMergeAudits parameter (set to true) in your request URL to get the company record’s mergeAudits.


Lovely! Thank you @Derek_Gervais