Missing Records in Email Timeline API


I have just started using Hubspot’s API and I am writing an application that retrieves the last 7 days of the Email Timeline to check for a couple of different events. I seem to be missing a couple of records based on what I would expect.

First, we have a Contact who chose to Opt Out of receiving Blog updates. On the Contact page in the admin portal that I have access to I can see the event where the user chose to Opt Out. However, when I query the timeline all I see is that he subscribed. I do not see any unsubscribe.

Second, we have a Contact who chose to subscribe to our Blog updates. Again, I can see the subscription event on the Contact page. Again, when I query the timeline I don’t see any results that reflect this.

How can I best troubleshoot this? I know the users each chose to Opt Out and to subscribe, respectively. My call to the API completes successfully and returns some results to me.



Hi Aaron,

Feel free to email me any examples if what you’re seeing. You should see STATUSCHANGE events which will describe the changes you are discussing.


Hi Mike,

This is the call I am making: http://api.hubapi.com/email/public/v1/subscriptions/timeline?hapikey=XYZ&limit=1000&changeType=SUBSCRIPTION_STATUS&startTimestamp=1469550453222

For the user who opted out of the blog emails I am expecting results where changeType=SUBSCRIPTION_STATUS and change=UNSUBSCRIBED.

For the user who subscribed I am expecting results where changeType=SUBSCRIPTION_STATUS and change=SUBSCRIBED.

Thoughts on what I am doing incorrectly? I’m not sure what STATUSCHANGE events are and how they are related to the SUBSCRIBED and UNSUBSCRIBED that I see when other users unsubscribe or subscribe.

I’ve attached a screenshot that I see on the Contact page that leads me to believe I should see the Subscribe in the Timeline. I cannot attach multiple images so I’ll save the Unsubscribe for later.



Hi @abates,

That timeline item is someone submitting a form submission titled “Subscribe to Commonfund Blog Notifications”. There was no subscription status change event that occurred here. (By default, all contacts are subscribed.)