Missing Records while using Get Recently Modified Contacts


I read about using vidOffset and timeOffset in this FAQ :

Is it really mandatory to use vidOffset and timeOffset combined? I got only fewer records when I queried using vidOffset and timeOffset parameter combined than the parameter timeOffset alone?

What is the use of this vidOffset parameter?


Hi @Karthick_Shiva,

You should always use both vidOffset and timeOffset together. HubSpot tracks these updates to the millisecond, and the vidOffset parameter is used in the event that multiple contact updates occur simultaneously (i.e. within one millisecond).


We’re using both the parameters exactly as you said, But for some customer of ours, we’re not receiving all the modified or created records when using that API. Only a few have been retrieving. As his business depends upon this, please guide through this. Let me know if you need more information.


Hi @Karthick_Shiva,

Can you give me some more information about the portal in question? Specifically, can you send me the Hub ID of the portal, and an example contact that has been recently updated and is not appearing in the response from the recently modified contacts endpoint?