Mobile device screen html



Hi, I have created a page in Act2 template of hubspot, but when I see the page in mobile device it shows the tabs which I have never inserted but it might be template default. Now I want to change the name of the tabs but I dont know where to edit it when it comes to mobile. I am attaching a screenshot.

Thanks In Advance


Hi @Abhi, to change those categories' text you can do so on the template here: I've created a screen recording of how to edit these:


Thanks Connor, It was really a great help. I was struggling with the template and code the whole day . Thank you again :slight_smile:


No problem Abhi :smile:


Hey, I am sorry but there is just one thing left and I really need to understand this. As we have hs-input class in the css file which deals with all the input field across the template. suppose we want to give a different border colour to an input individually not the border colour which is used by the hs-input class. How could we give a different colour to an input because it is also a part of hs-input . I am uploading a screenshot and in that you could see on the left hand side there are input fields which I want to have pink border but on the right side I dont want that pink border I just need a white border on the right hand side input.


Hi @Abhi, you'll just need to add some CSS to be more specific with the selector that this is using. You can add the following code to this stylesheet:

.widget-type-blog_subscribe .hs-input:not([type="radio"]):not([type="checkbox"]), #hs-pwd-widget-password {
    border-color: white;