Monthly deal pipeline per channel



I am trying to get marketing budget for the month AND Cost per lead (CPL), CPA.
Which endpoint, query I should use to get these info via API.



Hi @shim_b,

Data about contacts and deals, among other information, can be pulled through our APIs, but those metrics sound like calculations you must do on your end.

The only cost-per-lead metric calculated in HubSpot is in the ads tool with information from Google Ads and Facebook. There is no way to fetch these values through an API.

If I am misunderstanding you and you are looking to get the raw data for number of contacts, total deal amounts, etc., please let me know.


hi @Isaac_Takushi,

I originally need to calculate # of leads/ Cost per lead(CPL)

So you mean, we are not able to calculate CPL in any way from hubspot API? Is it accessible via Google Ads or Facebook Ads API instead? Or is there anyway to calculate CPL (get Cost for each lead) via Get all contacts endpoints?



Hi @shim_b,

HubSpot does not calculate or store any cost-per-lead values, so you would need to calculate it using your own cost data or the spend data from Google or Facebook.

If you have already stored cost information in custom contact properties in HubSpot, however, you could pull it with the Get all contacts endpoint.