More silent failure problems on bulk update



We are using the bulk update to sync data to hubspot. We recently encountered a problem where contacts we thought were syncing to hubspot were actually not syncing (even though no errors were returned) because the vid we had on our side had been deleted from hubspot. I now need to get a list of what vids that we have are no longer valid so I can delete them from our side, but I got very quickly rate limited trying to hit the api for each of our contacts to see if it exists. No idea what to do now, please help!


Hi @Katherine_Wallace,

Are you using the Create or update a group of contacts endpoint (see below)? If a vid doesn’t exist, it should be returning a 400 error for the entire request. Based on my testing, this doesn’t appear to be happening; I’ll touch base with product with regard to that issue.

Going forward, you might consider using the Webhooks API to subscribe to contact delete events. Check out the developer doc below for details on this API. With regard to checking your current vids; the rate limits for the HubSpot APIs are 10 requests per second, and 40,000 requests per day. Could you break up the vid checking calls you’re making into smaller chunks?


Yes, we are using /contacts/v1/contact/batch/
Iit would be extremely helpful to us to have better validation on the bulk update endpoint, since we have had many issues with silent failures causing problems for our integration.
Is there any possibility to increase our rate limit giving that we are trying to resolve a bug on your end?


Any update on whether we can raise the rate limit, this is blocking us at a particularly time-sensitive time for us @Derek_Gervais


Alternately, could I send you a list of hubspot ids and have you send me back a list of the ids which do not exist? We need to fix this problem as soon as possible since it is causing real business impact for us.


Hi @Katherine_Wallace,

I’ve reached out to you via direct message; for the time being, we can communicate through that channel.