Move or rename folder endpoint broken?


When I use the Move/rename a folder endpoint I can rename a folder, but not move it. If I POST the following JSON:

“parent_folder_id”: “4264675147”

I get the following error:

“message”: “illegal value for parent_folder_id (must be an integer)”,
“errors”: [],
“succeeded”: false

If I remove the quotes around the integer I get an “internal error”. Am I using this endpoint correctly?


Hi @Adam

The parent_folder_id needs to be an integer (so it should not have quotes around the value). I’ll get the doc updated for that.

The format of the JSON for updating the parent folder should be:

  "parent_folder_id": 12345

where 12345 is the ID of another folder.

If you’re still seeing an issue with this, can you send me your Hub ID, and the ID of the folder you’re trying to update?